Atmospheric Witchy Female Friendships || Review: The Casquette Girls

I’d been putting this book off for way too long, so when it became close to Halloween, I felt it was about dang time I pick it up. So worth it.

Title: The Casquette Girls
Author: Alys Arden
Publisher: Skyscape
Genres: YA Contemporary Fantasy

Official Synopsis

After the storm of the century rips apart New Orleans, sixteen-year-old Adele Le Moyne wants nothing more than her now silent city to return to normal. But with home resembling a war zone, a parish-wide curfew, and mysterious new faces lurking in the abandoned French Quarter, normal needs a new definition.

As the city murder rate soars, Adele finds herself tangled in a web of magic that weaves back to her own ancestors. Caught in a hurricane of myths and monsters, who can she trust when everyone has a secret and keeping them can mean life or death? Unless… you’re immortal.


I’m usually thoroughly intimidated by a book that has more than 500 pages in it, but I was really excited to read this book—I would attribute that to Halloween, I think. I was feeling a desperate need for vampires and general witchiness, which this book delivered perfectly.

This was THE atmospheric read for the spooky season. I would not call this book fast-paced, but I was never bored while reading this. Instead, I was sucked into the descriptions of the French Quarter, the stories and myths, and of course the mysterious happenings.

When I saw that it isn’t fast-paced, that doesn’t mean there’s no action, however. There are sections that made my heart pound, my eyes skimming across the pages so I knew what happened next. Every scene led into the next, making this a very compulsive read.

I loved how everything came together in the end, and I’m incredibly excited to read the next book.


The book is mostly told from Adele’s POV. I immediately connected with her—her love for her hometown, and her grief at its devastation is touching and relatable. I loved her relationship with her dad and her flair of creativity. She’s fiery and brave, and she jumps into dangerous situations headfirst. Her developing friendship with Desiree was my favorite.

There is a love triangle, for those who are leery of that, but I didn’t mind it too much. Both of the guys are very attractive—Isaac, the artsy bad-boy-with-heart-of-gold who shows up at the worst times, and Nicco, the kind, watchful one with a dark secret.

From the get-go, there seems to be some pretty obvious cliches, but I really liked how they were turned on their head. I also appreciated that Adele actually acted like a 16-year-old. She made mistakes, had an attitude at times, but she tries to fix her mistakes and faces the consequences of her decisions. I loved it.


Did I mentioned that this is a super atmospheric book? That can definitely be attributed to the setting, New Orlean’s French Quarter. It’s obvious that the author lives in the French Quarter, as the details are so rich. I felt like I was stepping right into the story.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I really enjoyed this book! It was fun and different from what I usually read. I cannot wait to read the next book!

What was your favorite witchy read?

9 thoughts on “Atmospheric Witchy Female Friendships || Review: The Casquette Girls

  1. This sounds fun even though love triangles annoy me quite an ammount! My last witchy read was Mooncakes, I think and I have to say: It’s been a while. I’ve read many magical books since then but I should come back to witches some time soon lol 😀 😀

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