Interview with Indigo Wood, Author of Cocoa in the Attic

I’m welcoming author Indigo Wood, author of her debut novel Cocoa in the Attic, a super fun Christmas romantic drama (which came out today!) I loved this book, and am really excited for you all to get to know Indigo a little better.

About the Author

Indigo lives wit her husband and two daughters in a small brick house surrounded by a scurry of squirrels and a coil of garter snakes. When she’s not writing or reading, she’s crocheting, baking, or adventuring with her family. Adventures involveing nature and ending with ice cream are highly preferred, though a dragon will never be turned down. You can find her gushing about her favorite books on Instagram @indi.go.wood.

Where did you get your inspiration for Cocoa in the Attic?

So many places! But these are a few of the biggest ones. Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas albums were the original spark, and are still basically soundtracks for the book. I love their powerful songs about the strength of love and joy, the importance of home and family, and the deep roots that Christmas holds in so many hearts. I have five amazing brothers and sisters who greatly influenced Sera’s relationship with her brother. My siblings are prime examples of how family members can anchor and build one another, even in the toughest times. And finally, Baj Goodson ran a writing contest in her newsletter that gave Spirited Inn its soul. Or rather, its spirit, quite literally. Writing that short story as a prologue to Cocoa in the Attic enhanced the atmosphere of the inn in ways I would never have dreamed up on my own.

What led you to choose self-publishing?

Honestly, I had no intention of self-publishing in the near future, mostly because I know how much pressure is on when you’re the author, publisher, and marketer, all on your lonesome. But when the story came together this year after ten years of stewing in the back of my mind, along with it came a clear, detailed plan to get it out by Christmas. Traditional publishing is very slow, and I figured a novella would be a hard sell in that world. So I ran with it. I figured if it didn’t happen, it was no big deal, and I would try again next year. But everything worked out, and here I am holding a copy of my own book!

Were there any parts of your journey to publication that surprised you?

This one. This whole thing. Cocoa in the Attic was not in my publishing plan in any way, shape, or form. I’ve got three other finished or mostly finished manuscripts that I’ve planned to polish up and get ready for querying. But when this little story that’s been resisting me for years came pouring out, I knew it was for a reason, and I had to get it out there. So many people jumped in to help me with the release, and I’m thankful for all the generous readers and writers who have given their time to my Christmas story!

Who is your favorite character? Why?

They’re each such a part of me that it’s hard to choose. I love Langdon for all that he’s been through to find fulfillment. I love Felicity for her quiet strength and gift for truly seeing people. I love Sera for her determination to try, whatever the task may be. And I love Kem for his baking prowess. Oh, okay, and because he doesn’t ever give up on anyone. (He doesn’t give up on promotions, either. He started out as a lowly dish washer and kept climbing the ranks in each draft until he was the inn’s pastry chef.)

Are you working on any writing projects now?

Yes!!! I’ve got a YA fantasy Robin Hood retelling, a YA sci-fi with strong ties to A Tale of Two Cities, and a MG spy series. And those are just the ones I’m actively working on! I have approximately seven million and three stories waiting patiently for their turn on the page.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, Indigo! I really enjoyed your answers to my questions! Here’s a little bit more about her book:


One charming (possibly haunted) inn.
One charming (friendzoned) pastry chef.
And one unexpected reunion.

Seraphina has landed the perfect job as a publicist for a charming (albeit allegedly haunted) inn in a dreamy mountain town. She’s even sworn the only romance-eligible member of the staff to a strict vow of friendship, leaving her free of complicated dating drama. But when her estranged brother walks into her life after twelve years’ absence, her perfect setup crumbles, leaving her uncertain what path to take next. Is it better to keep her heart under guard, where she’s kept it safe for so many years? Or can the Christmas spirit and a friendzone-bound pastry chef convince her to give love and family another chance?

You can read my review here, and buy Cocoa in the Attic here.

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