Mischievous Brothers and Magical Woods || Review: Changeling

William Ritter is an author who has long been recommended to me by friends because of his Jackaby books. I still want to get to those eventually, but I was really excited to get to his new MG series as well! Thank you Algonquin Books for Young Readers for the review copy!

Title: Changeling (The Oddmire, #1)
Author: William Ritter
Publisher: Algonquin Books for Young Readers
Genres: MG Fantasy

Official Synopsis

Magic is fading from the Wild Wood. To renew it, goblins must perform an ancient ritual involving the rarest of their kind—a newborn changeling. But when the fateful night arrives to trade a human baby for a goblin one, something goes terribly wrong. After laying the changeling in a human infant’s crib, the goblin Kull is briefly distracted from his task. By the time he turns back, the changeling has already perfectly mimicked the human child. Too perfectly: Kull cannot tell them apart. Not knowing which to bring back, he leaves both babies behind.

Tinn and Cole are raised as human twins, neither knowing what secrets may be buried deep inside one of them. Then when they are twelve years old, a mysterious message arrives, calling the brothers to be heroes and protectors of magic. The boys must leave behind their sleepy town of Endsborough and risk their lives in the Wild Wood, crossing the perilous Oddmire swamp and journeying through the Deep Dark to reach the goblin horde and discover who they truly are.

Lasting Impressions

This is ultimately a story about family, no matter your blood, no matter your circumstances. This message is so heartwarming and sweet, especially as it is relayed by the brother Cole and Tinn. Each boy, though it seems they are completely similar at first, have different personalities, different worries, and different struggles. The way they each handle the trials in the Oddmire is often funny, but also telling of their own thought processes and how they see the world.

I loved how the reader got a chance to be in Cole’s and Tinn’s mother’s head as well! I love how strong and fiercely loving and protective she is of her sons, even if one of them is a goblin. Her acceptance of both boys is so beautiful, it definitely brought a tear to my eyes a couple of times.

Quick Thoughts

  • I loved meeting the different magical creatures in this book. Especially the hinkypunk.
  • Fable is such a fun character! I’m excited to see what the next book holds for her!

Overall Feelings

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is such a fun book to start off a creative series! I can’t wait for the next book!

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