Best Series I Finished in 2019

That feeling when you realize…you’ve only finished FOUR series this year?!?!?!?

That’s awkward. I really thought I was better than that.

Oh wait, I’m notorious for NOT finishing series…

But, on the bright side, every series I did finish this year was fantastic. I mean, they have to be if I finished them, right? So let’s get into this!

1. The Hundredth Queen series

I discovered Emily R. King at a local writing conference, and, as I so adore my local authors, I knew I had to read her books. And hot dang were they amazing. I didn’t read through the series as fast as I would have liked (story of my life!), but when I found out that Emily was coming out with a new series, I hurried and finished it up. So worth it. This series is magical and fierce and such a fun YA fantasy series. Kalinda is definitely one of my all-time favorite YA heroines of all time. I cannot recommend this series enough.

You can find my reviews for her series here (sorry they aren’t completely coherent…I wrote these before I started blogging!):

2. The Evermore Chronicles

Oh my heart. Emily’s sophomore series is some of the best fantasy I’ve read EVER. The world building is phenomenal with so much detail and incredible mythos. The characters have incredible arcs, and the villain is horrible and awful (in the best way possible). If you’re a fantasy lover, you NEED TO READ THESE BOOKS.

My reviews of all of her books detail why:

3. Real Friends and Best Friends

If you enjoy graphic memoirs in the vein of Smile and Sisters by Raina Telgemeier, then you will love these books. The stories focus around the friendships made and broken in Shannon Hale’s youth, and the stories are so relatable I was feeling a little anxious after reading them. You can find my series review here.

4. Debutantes series

I stumbled upon the first book, Little White Lies, by pure luck. I was searching for an interesting audiobook to listen to at work…and it was available! I was immediately enamored with the narrator’s voice and the suspenseful mystery. I could not stop listening to it. By another stroke of luck, the sequel came out the next week! And it was also available on Overdrive! So I finished this series really quickly, which is highly unusual for me. And I’m so glad I was able to read them so close together—they were both so fun, and the ending of the sequel is WILD. Jennifer Lynn Barnes is now on my radar, since I’ve been really craving more YA mysteries.

You can find my reviews for the Debutantes series here:

So that’s it for all the series I finished this year! BUT I want to make an honorable mention for a series I technically finished in fall 2018 but the final book came out in March 2019 (thank you to Rosalyn Eves for sending me an eARC!)

The Blood Rose Rebellion trilogy

This series will probably always have my heart. Goodness. The mixture of history, magic, and rebellion is intoxicating, and I couldn’t stop reading any of the books once I had my hands on them. The characters are incredibly crafted, the prose is exquisite, and the magic system is fascinating and unique as it’s based on Hungarian and other Eastern European folklore. I cannot wait to read Rosalyn’s next book, which hopefully comes out soon!

You can find my reviews of this series here:

And that’s it! Thank you for sticking with me this long!

What are some series you finished this year? Which was your favorite?

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