Books from 5 Authors I Haven’t Read Yet

It’s time for another Top 5 Saturday (led by the wonderful Mandy @ Devouring Books)! I was so excited for this week’s prompt, since I have way too many authors I want to read but haven’t tried yet. So without further ado, here I go!


  • Share your top 5 books of the current topic– these can be books that you want to read, have read and loved, have read and hated, you can do it any way you want.
  • Tag the original post (This one!)

Five Authors I Haven’t Read Yet

Naomi Novik

I’ve been wanting to read all of Naomi’s books for…two years now? It’s been awhile. Her fairy tale retellings sound so dreamy and exciting, and her Temeraire books sound really fun—I can’t help it when there are dragons! I’ve really been putting off her books for way too long. I will get to them soon!

Elizabeth Acevedo

I received a copy of Poet X at ALA this year, which got me super excited. Plus, With the Fire on High sounds like the perfect blend of foody stuff and tough issues. I’ve heard amazing things about Elizabeth’s writing, so I can’t wait.

Miranda Asebedo

I’ve been really needing some magical realism in my life, and when I discovered A Constellation of Roses, I got really excited. Then I found out that she had another book! So yeah, I’m definitely going to be starting these books ASAP.

Christian Mckay Heidicker

Christian’s books are actually a new addition to my tbr—I found out recently that he’s a local author and I met him at an author meet-and-greet in August. He’s hilarious, and his books all sound so quirky and fun. I can’t wait to dig into them!

Nadine Brandes

I found Nadine on Instagram before I’d heard of her books. Her Instagram is GORGEOUS, but she’s also super optimistic and very open about writing and motherhood. Ever since, her books have been on my tbr.

Are any of these authors on your tbr? If not, what are some authors you haven’t read yet but need to?

16 thoughts on “Books from 5 Authors I Haven’t Read Yet

  1. AHH I LOVE THE WAY YOU DID YOUR POST! I should have featured authors rather than books. I mean I did feature 5 different authors on mine but I picked one book by each of them. I think your way was a better choice for this week!! Naomi Novik almost made my list. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 5 authors/books. I have read both of Nadine Brandes books and I LOVE her! The way she blends history with fantasy is just AMAZING and I will probably read everything she writes.

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  2. Ooh, I don’t know why I didn’t connect Nadine Brandes to Fawkes as well as Romanov! I haven’t read either but they’re on my TBR too! I can’t wait to read more from Acevedo and Novik too 😍 I really enjoyed Uprooted and Spinning Silver! This is such an awesome list 🙂

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    1. Thank you Dini! I didn’t connect the books to the author for a long time too 😂 funny how that happens! And I’m glad you enjoyed Novik’s fairy tale retellings! It makes me even more excited!


  3. AHHHHHH!!! SOOO MANYYYY NEW BOOKS HERE TO ADD TO MY TBR! And every single one ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AS WELLLLL!! I LOVED THIS POST, Allisa! 😍❤️ Cant wait to read your thoughts on these once you are done reading them! 😍❤️

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