Compulsively Readable Psychological Drama || Re-read: Wall of Crosses

I had the pleasure to beta-read Wall of Crosses for Baj last year, before this wonderful novella was first published. The first time I read it, it blew my mind—it made me feel a lot of complicated emotions (in a good way). The second time was…fascinating. I got to see all of the twists and turns, almost as if seeing inside Baj’s mind.

Title: Wall of Crosses
Author: Baj Goodson
Publisher: Baj Goodson
Genres: Psychological Drama

Official Synopsis

JACOB TAMBLYN is not in the business of keeping tabs on his dysfunctional family. But when his widowed grandfather passes away suddenly, the patriarch’s last will and testament makes a substantial demand of Jacob and his estranged relatives: in order to claim their inheritances, everyone named in the will must work together long enough to clear out the home of the old man and his late wife.

ANDY TAMBLYN would love to know more about the family history that her husband, Jacob, refuses to divulge. Seeing the scenario as her big chance to glean better insight into her darling spouse, Andy joins him in the task—despite sentencing herself to the condemnation of her acerbic mother-in-law, Ruth.

But the assignment proves as overwhelming as it is dire when the family gathers in the house to find that their shrewd figurehead has spent the last year as a hoarder. Tensions rise and drama escalates as old grudges breathe new life, burdens exchange shoulders, and carefully buried secrets—the life-altering kind—threaten to come to light.

The dates are predictably horrible and the situation further complicated by the return of James, Rachel’s first, long-lost love. James says he is over her, but is Rachel over him?


Wall of Crosses is an atmospheric psychological suspense that explores family ties, questions moral values, and unearths close-kept secrets.

This book is a breath of fresh air. Baj Goodson brings to the table three-dimensional, flawed characters all brought together to clean a late family member’s house in order to claim their inheritance. Jacob, the main character, and Andy, his wife, are both relatable and down to earth—very good characters to see the story through. And the family members…whistles I bought into their family drama so quick because of how real it felt.

The mystery that unfolds in this novella is fascinating and horrifying. And the twists! Oh my word. Reading this a second time was even more fun because I caught all the careful clues written into the book. So, so good.

I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who needs a good suspenseful family drama in their life.

Do you like to read novellas? Do you have any recommendations?

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