5 Backlist YA Books to Read This Fall || Throwback(list) Thursday

    I’m really excited to share something I’ve been planning for a little while now:

Throwback(list) Thursday! 

Every Thursday, I’m going to highlight, celebrate, or spotlight one (or in this case some) backlist titles that I ADORE. Each of them has been out for at least one year, though most of the books I’m spotlighting today have been out much longer than that.

Sometimes all I read or blog or Instagram about are new books that are coming out…and that can be exhausting. SO. I’m creating a space for my blog to celebrate these books that defined me in my youth, inspired me in the past…or are older books that I just want to read 😀

This week, I’m focusing on books that I think of when I think of FALL. Not all of them are spooky (in fact, none of them are horror). All of them are YA (I need to read more spooky MG I know!). But they all make me want to wear cozy sweaters, drink hot cocoa, and snuggle up on my couch with them during a thunderstorm.

Without further ado, here are

5 Backlist YA Books to Read This Fall

The very first book that came to mind for this list was The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. I remember the second time I read this book (I do not remember the first time, just that there was one). I was sitting in a cozy chair, with a single lamp on. There was a thunderstorm outside. I was all alone in my house. And I was THOROUGHLY creeped out by this novel. AGAIN. Gosh, Kelley Armstrong’s writing is just fantastic. I love the characters in this series (it is the first book in a truly fantastic trilogy), the magic system is awesome, and the budding romance gets me swooning every time. This is a must-read for fall. You can read my full review here.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White is probably the newest book on this list, as it came out last year (2018). This thrilling, spooky retelling of Frankenstein from Elizabeth’s point of view was surprisingly satisfying to me. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is my favorite classic of all time. There is so much complexity and intensity in her writing…anyway, not talking about Shelley’s work. Kierten White’s rendition of this tale is fantastic. So atmospheric. So clever. I can’t recommend it enough. (But if you’re feeling it, Frankenstein is a pretty excellent fall read too ;D). You can read my full review here.  

And here we are at one of my ultimate guilty pleasure reads. No joke. When I first borrowed this book at the library, I was a little embarrassed to check it out. The title is a little ridiculous. The cover is a little ridiculous. But the premise sounded like exactly what I needed. Later, when I found it at a used bookstore, I laughed at myself a little bit…then immediately bought it. Because, dang it, Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey is one of my favorite paranormal romance books of all time. Teenage. Vampire. Romance. I know it gets a bad rap these days (or maybe not so much these days…? Thanks Renee Adieh), but sometimes you just really need it. You know it. Go do yourself a favor and go pick up this deliciously romantic, funny, fall-y book. You can read my full review here. (P.S. I loved the second book even more!)

Keturah and Lord Death by Martine Leavitt explores both love and death, which is a theme I find myself drawn to during the fall. This wonderful, character-driven romance is beautiful and touching in so many ways. I’ve read a couple of times, and love it the more times I read it. You can read my full review here.

If you want creepy, then this is the book for you! Nevermore by Kelly Creagh brings ALL the Edgar Allen Poe vibes, from creepy monsters to red plagues, you’ve got it. Plus the slow-burn romance between the two main characters is To. Die. For. You can read my full review here.

And there they are! The five books you should read this fall! Or rather, the five books I want to read this fall, if I didn’t have an already-toppling TBR pile staring me down…:D Maybe I’ll ignore it for a little bit.

What book gives you ALL the fall vibes?

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